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Dr. Kevin Scholz, PsyD.Dr. Susan Scholz-Rubin, PhD.

For couples who wish to save their relationship, even after the devastation of an affair, there is a long and oftentimes treacherous road to overcoming infidelity.

Cheating in relationships is, unfortunately, a widespread problem in our culture. Miami is a city with a unique multicultural and fast paced lifestyle, where much emphasis is placed on affluence, beauty and sexuality. The allure of these temptations can lead to difficult predicaments for certain couples, married or not. For some, a strong commitment and hard work are required to protect a relationship and maintain a healthy and fulfilling marriage or union.

"The devastation and anger resulting from an affair, can gradually evolve into mutual appreciation and compassion, and eventually into forgiveness. The ultimate goal is for couples to restore trust in one another and to live an honest relationship."

Drs. Scholz and Scholz-Rubin report that many of the couples they’ve counseled acknowledge that the "new" relationship they develop is healthier and more satisfying than before. As painful as it may be,couples learn about themselves, each other and the unmet needs behind the affair through hard work in counseling which promotes understanding, communication, and mutual respect.

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